by Wichykins

1.    You stay up late and wake up early doing playdates, racking up coins for Thursday.

2.    You stay up late and wake up early posting your wishlists.

3.    You take the time to change your fonts to make them pretty and memorable.

4.    You use the terms NINJA, GLITCHES and LOCUSTS easily.

5.    You ignore friends and family on Thursdays—and leave hubby/bf/gf/wife/kids alone in bed while you click away madly before the release of new items time.

6.    You are familiar with who the constipated drunken bear is.

7.    You drag your computer into the bathroom when nature calls so as not to lag behind in the pages of the forum.

8.    You are familiar with my Definitions of Terms, Baluu, Handy Tips and Excuses list. (yeah!)

9.    You hoard items when new releases come out. You know which one will be HOT ITEMs.

10. You know who says “Poke the PIGGY” and “FF” and “SQUISHEEEEY” and “SWOOOSH”.

11. You have a mask, cape, magic wand, pixie dust, and/or magic lamp hidden in your closet or drawers—and you put them on or hold them, on the sly, daily during forum moments.

12. You can already hear the buzzing of the locusts as early as Wednesday afternoon and most especially on Monday morning.

13. You can hear the lovely ding-ding of coins in your sleep.

14. You laugh and/or raise an eyebrow at the words “Please…anything gold”…and usually answer that with an  “uhhhm…..NO”.

15.  You know only the brave and/or foolish enter the Trading forum…or if your name has the word ILLUSION in it.

16. You easily use the term LMAO instead of ROTFL

17. You can identify people by their font and font color.

18. You know people by a quick glance at their profile pics… and which Hello Kitty or Puss ‘n Boots is which

19. You play with my BELGARION everyday. (sorry, just had to slip that in HEHEHE).

20. You threaten bodily harm to anyone who gets between you and the computer right before Thursday’s release.

21. You found out about the 1st MASSIVE GLITCH/RESTOCK and are freaking out about missing it and you yelled out loud, stamped your feet, and slapped the table…possible freaking real life family members, co-workers, friends, kids and pets. And praying to God Almighty and Mighty Man Mike…and all the plushie gods out there that it would happen again….with you online and with all your coins intact.

22. You’ve heard about the 2nd “POSSIBLE” Massive Restock coming up….

23. You physically shrieked, tore your hair, went into panic mode and quick depression, wonderin what you did wrong when, during the INVISIBLE FRIENDS glitch—you realized that from 1000 friends, you went down to 100, only to heave a sigh of relief when you realized, everyone had the same problem.

24. You are ON the PAYING IT FORWARD forum.

25. You might possibly have 2, or 3 or 4 even 5 accounts on SPP.

26. You’re reading this on Audi’s SPP Addict site now.



  1. Dale/Muga Says:

    just want to say kool site thanks I’ll be back everyweek to see what’s new.

  2. I know wh says swoooosh whats up wth that? oh and all the above except my computer wont come to the bathroom with me 😦

  3. Pterrible Says:

    I didn’t think anyone was watching me!

  4. LucieLu Says:

    LMAO I am almost there!!!

  5. Christine Says:

    Well…I can put a “check” next to quite a few of them, I haven’t caught onto the rest just yet ~~

    BUT….BUT, I’m HERE right now…which can only mean I’m NOT far behind you:) *GREAT* post, by the way; very clever!

  6. i am guilty of all most all of them i am up at 2 am everyweek waiting to shop i love spp my husband and son tells me i need help all the time thanks for a fun app

  7. Shamefully GUILTY as I tuck my head and weep ….. (and snicker too lol)

  8. Barbara/Fuzzy Says:

    New to the forum and this great game. However, even some of these fit me!!!

  9. guilty of all of the above! thanks for the chuckle lol

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