Level Up Plushies

New players now have the added feature of being able to get plushies when they level up. I don’t know when this new feature starts. When I do find out I will post more information. If you have any questions please PM me at http://paws.superpokepets.com It hard for me to answer question asked by posting a comment.


18 Responses to “Level Up Plushies”

  1. blitzkrieg4radiah Says:

    Wow! This is so exciting! They are adorable! I hope I can get the level up plushies for all my previous levels. That would just be awesome!:D

  2. Does anyone know when we will get them? Thanks

  3. If they put in that GET plushies reward for every level you get. then EVERY single person should get RETRO plushies for ALL the levels we have achieved in over a year and a half…

    that would not be fair, to institute this new option and not reward all the players that worked there butts off for almost 2 years…. EVERY single person for EVERY single account they have, whatever the level they are should be GIVEN retro plushies….

    thats a given. if they don’t do this, thats a very very bad call, and totally unfair…

    just my 2 cents. should be a no brainer to give every person all the plushies they deserve whatever level they are..

    dont you all think so??

  4. Linda Lou Says:

    wow…thats cool and sucky at the same time! I want the ones I missed out on!

  5. Yay! Thanx for the info Dorene and Elin!

  6. Dorene rattoll Says:

    to all the vet players. yes, you will get all the past level plushies. Elin has posted in the forum that this will be retroactive

    • Can you post a link to where this was posted??? I just tried looking for info about this and found nothing…

  7. Echo's Mommy Says:

    The Previous ones as myself should also be Awarded these Plushie’s as We have Earned them as We have earned the previous Badges…being Extreme Buyer’s etc…I love this App and do NOT want my Passion for it to End…Please Keep this Right for All….thanks….Me!!

  8. I saw Elin posted in the forums that we will get all the ones that were for levels we have already passed.

  9. boocuifer Says:

    the rumor is that we will be able to buy the level plushies that we missed.

  10. DonnaNana Says:

    Audi I was just given your link to this blog. Thank you for providing this great information.

  11. Level Up Plushies

    What about vet. players that have passed these lower levels….Do we get these plushies?

  12. kristen Says:

    how do you get them my son is new and didnt get them

  13. Does this mean that these aren’t pet shop releases for each level then? You won’t have the opportunity for the level you’re currently at, just the next one?

  14. Awesome thanks for the preview. I so want the froggy 🙂

  15. DonnaNana Says:

    Will be be offered the chance tio buy lower level plushies seeing we had past them? I am saving coins for this.
    Thank you Audi for the updated and news.


  16. When does this start I didn’t get anything?

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