Saturday Gold???



14 Responses to “Saturday Gold???”

  1. Jacalyn Says:

    They never release on the weekend so it’s probably Monday gold. ^^

  2. The red bird is fantastic! Moon is cute too! Anti gravity chair is going to piss off a lot of traders, lol!

    • LOL, Kerry alot of them are getting pissed off. This Anti-Gravity chair is much better looking and the Monkey Fountain is the remake of the Cherub fountain. I think they’re doing this to give newbies a chance of older items.

      • dixie805 Says:

        We better be ready with our gold, those traders will be ready to grab up as much as possible. Did you see how fast those kissing plushies went? I was lucky to get 1.

  3. i found this also on a bulletin

    • dixie805 Says:

      Too cute now my tiger is set, fairies and now (hopefully) a tiger buddy…now I just need kitty and panda fairies and buddies.

  4. Danielle Says:

    The Gold items should be a New Monday Release put in the shops Sunday night 12 midnight pst. I would like to know where the information comes from on what the new items will be, when it comes out and how does someone get the links??? lol… I waited up until 12:45 PST to get the Dragon Fairy, but it never came lol….I hope u all have a great day

  5. Dorene rattdoll Says:

    ummm i thought this gold was going to be released tonight… i cant seem to find it in the pet shop….

  6. Oh, now this is exciting!!!!!

    • I too wasnt going to buy any more gold. But then again I say that every week.LOL!!!:) I LOVE these items!!!

  7. i now can get ready for the new gold items. (: i’m really looking forward to the dragon fairy, the turtle, peek-a-boo moon, flying bird, and anti-gravity chair. LOLS.


  9. I can’t believe how much they’re putting out!!! Ugh I told myself I didn’t need to keep buying it but how cute is that turtle! Man guess I will be buying gold again tonight 🙂

  10. When is this coming out 🙂 🙂 I only have 80 gold left 😦 😦

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