Possible reasons why Baluu looks the way he does

by Wichykins and her pet Belgarion

  1. Looks Hypnotized – constant staring at the spinning pinwheels had a mesmerizing effect. In actuality, took only a few seconds… Baluu’s brain was not that hard to conquer.
  2. Looks Constipated – consumption of too many sweets, especially on Easter weekend; Baluu used to look like Coco and Jojo but early forum members decided to keep feeding Baluu… resulting in his present size.
  3. Looks Drunk – realization that Coco has Jojo and Baluu has nobody, thereby pushing Baluu to the bottle.
  4. Looks Crosseyed – he got ninja-kicked in the —–.
  5. Looks Pinched – Due to Jealousy. Baluu doesn’t like people looking for other plushies other than his great self.
  6. Looks Dead – too many forum members pulling and pushing for Baluu—got crushed in the mob and finally “kicked the bucket” and “bought the farm”; rumor has it, an over-eager member pulled accidentally on his …errr…. “THAT” which rendered the crosseyed look and finally led to his death.
  7. Looks like he’s CONCENTRATING too hard – trying to fart quietly.
  8. Looks PAINED – ate something very very sour.
  9. Looks PENSIVE – he just realized he can’t see over his belly or pull up his Speedos.
  10. Looks BUSY – Trying to remove peanut butter from the roof of his mouth.
  11. Looks dead but really ASLEEP – like any ol’ grandpa, he falls asleep anywhere and everywhere.
  12. Looks like he SMELLED something bad – he did. Himself. Major B.O.
  13. Looks WASTED – stayed up late doing playdates on Wednesday night and his face got stuck like that forever.
  14. Looks in PAIN – sat down on a thumb tac and can’t get up again.
  15. Looks DEEP in thought – trying to think up the cure for swine flu, balance California’s budget and find the real meaning of life. He’s still thinking until now.
  16. Looks like he’s WINCING – watching that frog get squished makes him wince and go eeeeeuuuuuwwwwww…..
  17. Looks annoyed – somebody placed a farting frog right in front of his face….
  18. Looks farsighted – kept staring hard at Kay bear…. Could it be? Finally? Someone my size? Just for me? Or do I really need glasses?? But wait…why does that purple bear look like he or she got kicked in the tummy? Did Booboo…? Nah…. She couldn’t have gotten jealous THAT fast…. How could she know that Kay is the most beeyootiful thing I’ve seen in a loooong time…

** Rumor has it… forum member tried feeding Baluu broccoli… and he absolutely refused. Resulting in his “I’ll-eat-that-over-my-dead-body” face.

*** listen… do you hear that fffffuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeet sound? That came from Baluu…and NOT from his mouth either.

****Rumor has it that BOOBOO has started a petition to remove Kay bear from SPP. There can only be one prima diva and that’s her!


3 Responses to “Possible reasons why Baluu looks the way he does”

  1. cecieatsfriedsquid Says:

    Haha, my favorite is number 3

  2. Dorene rattdoll Says:

    i just love it. every time i come to check what’s new i always read that again :p

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