Okay so I guess I was wrong out the Gold Release on Saturday Morning.  Please remember I DO NOT WORK FOR SLIDE.  So when they post the pics up that usually means they are releasing them but doesn’t always mean they release them.  So if you choose to stay up based on the info post here that is your choice not mine.  I am just trying to help you the SPP player be better prepared.  So I guess those items are part of the Monday release.  At least we can be better prepare this week for the Gold Release.


8 Responses to “Error”

  1. At least it gives us an idea of what’s coming. Gold is normally released on Mondays (3 a.m. for the east coast) Yes, I’m an addict, I usually go to bed early on Sun and Wed nights so I can get up at 3a.m. for all the new releases, been doing this a while now…lol…. Glad you posted those though, was wondering what was coming up!!

  2. Not a problem at all — other than I have to avoid temptation all over again! 🙂

  3. Thats ok, i set my alarm and got up to check and went back to bed when i realised that it had not been released 🙂 Gonna be waiting up monday though 🙂

  4. Danielle Says:

    That’s ok…………..I’m just glad you do it!! =)

  5. Pam VanHoose Says:

    I am an SPP addict and not afraid to admit it! There…I said it. I am one that chooses to get up at 3am…and as for the possible saturday release, I REALLY appriciate ANY info regarding the new releases… and I thank you for all your efforts in bringing us the pictures and information. Kudos to you!!

  6. Michelle Says:

    Oh No worries….lol…You did not make a Mistake…I LOVE that You post the upcomming items…Keep Up the GREAT work!!!!

  7. Totally agree with you. It’s our choice to be addicted(lol) and stay up. I for one am glad you post them, I like to know what’s comming next eventually. Thanks & Keep up the good work.

  8. Woodland Says:

    Why do you think you made a mistake? Where do you actually find these?

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