Gold Release

So I am guessing that because the items that were posted here for “Saturday” Gold weren’t released that those are the items for Mondays Release.  I also received a link to a photobucket account that had a tiger mini buddy.  I don’t know if this is a ligit release item as I haven’t seen it on slides pages.   I will post the pic of it but please do not be up set if it isn’t released.

300034I also found this one and couldn’t remember ever seeing them release it.  If they have let me know what it is called in a comment.


Please remember I do not work for slide.  I am a SPP player just like you.  If you have questions or suggestions  for slide use the links on the left.  Thank You


4 Responses to “Gold Release”

  1. mamabearmer Says:

    The purple gummy buddy is definitely a gift for leveling up to Jr. Noble. One of my friends just received one of them for leveling up.

  2. wendytwalkley Says:

    The purple one is called the gummy buddy and it is the gift for getting to Junior Noble.

  3. zoezoloft90 Says:

    possibly called the gummi tummi buddy, or lavender buddy, one of those. it isnt on the database either, but once upon a time i saw someone trading one and they referred to it as that.

  4. zoezoloft90 Says:

    im pretty sure the purple buddy is a gift for reaching the pet level of guru.

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