Trainee Remove Button

Finally after weeks of asking and being told we are working on it they have gotten it out.  We can now remove trainees that no long play or were never removed from out lists.



3 Responses to “Trainee Remove Button”

  1. thelilwaffle Says:

    How do you even get someone to be your trainee? So far I haven’t had any luck.

  2. truthhealz Says:

    I will say that I actually benefited by this deleting of the friend deletes the trainee thing not actually working. Two trainees I’d deleted and could not see on my trainee list anymore earned badges/leveled up like a week or two later and I was still able to reap the rewards – one included a BOO BOO BEAR! Woo hoo! Sometimes spp glitches work to our advantage:)

  3. Now just cause it says “remove,” does not mean it works! Sorry, I may play an optimist in real life, on SPP I am beyond being a pessimist at this point in time! 🙂

    There’s a “remove friend” link on the bottom right corner of all your friends’ pages. Want me to tell you now that that does not work, and never did? You have to go under the friends tab and hit the “X” to delete friends.

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