Spin Bonus

Elin Posted this in the news section:

Hey Everyone,

We have something brand new and exciting for all of you smile Instead of just receiving your daily login bonus, you have an extra chance at winning even more coins! Now, when you first sign into your account, you will see this:

spin bonusYou have two choices:
*Collect your daily login bonus
*Spin the Wheel and you could win big!

The amount of coins for your daily login bonus will depend on how many SPP friends you have on your social network. This will also determine the color of wheel that you see.

zTpuKZNT6D_9iQDNP0W_Ld8PG6YyEq_mFor the people who have joined through spp.com, and do not have a social network, you will get a 150 coin bonus.  We will soon offer the option to spin the wheel for you too in the weeks to come!

We hope you all enjoy your new daily login bonus with spin option. Let us know if you have any questions!!


Please remember I don’t work for slide.  If you have questions, comments or complaints concerning policies please contact Slide.  There are links on the right side of the page


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