Scrapbook and “What’s Hot!”

We finally get the feature we have been asking for.  We now have a scrapbook option that allows us to save our wonderful habitat creations through the SPP sight.

Leslie Posted this in the SPP News Section:

Hey Everyone!

We have some exciting news! cheesy If you haven’t noticed already there are a couple new features on, and your social network!

First up… the “What’s Hot” section on your social network’s SPP homepage.gQgv498b5j_QjWBaCdMWGgdbnMqK3kPcThe “What’s Hot” tab features recent award-winning habitats created by your fellow SPP members, as well as some hot and happenin’ threads in the forum. thumbs up

Moving on, we’ve added another great feature for you all to enjoy smile

Have you ever wished that you could just keep a photo of that perfect habitat forever? Well now you can smile Check out the Scrapbook feature in the customize section!

Scrapbook 1

Just click the “Customize” tab, and select the habitat you want to share. Then, click “Add to scrapbook.”

Scrapbook 2

Next, add a title and description and press SAVE cheesy

Scrapbook 3

You can see your scrapbook and all its awesome habitats from your SPP profile. You can also access your friends’ scrapbooks from their profile!

I hope you all enjoy the new additions to SPP! smile



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