New Feature – Search Your Inventory Tool!

Leslie posted about a new feature we have been asking for, an inventory search tool.  Now the only thing they need to do is expand that so we can use it when we gift or trade so we can find items faster.  Another feature we would also like to see is the ability to send more than one item at a time.

Hey Everyone!

I think you’ll be really excited about this new announcement… after all your suggestions and feedback, we’ve added a new Search feature to your inventory on and your social network!

Here’s how it works…

Click the “Customize” tab on your SPP profile.

On the left side, click the “Search” tab. Then, enter any search term and click the magnifying glass next to the text box. You can even do a part of the word, like “stache” if you’re looking up a 1

You will see any items in your inventory that contain the search term! The search results will be divided into two parts – items in your inventory and items in habitat. “Items in habitat” shows the matching items in all of your habitats that you own.

search 2

You have the option to move items from one habitat to the current habitat by clicking them. You will see this popup:

search 3

Simply click ‘Okay’ to move the item, or ‘Cancel’ or to keep the item in its current home.

You can also access every item in any of your habitats by clicking the “In Habitats” tab on the left side!

search 4

I hope you love the new feature! Happy Searching!



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