Possible Monday Gold Release

Gold Release June 29 2009Gold Release June 29 2009 2Gold Release June 29 2009 3So I got a PM from a great SPP player with a FYI in the wishlist edit section.  Some of you may have already seen it but I think this may be the gold items for Mondays release.  We may be getting

  • Party Confetti
  • Retro Shaped Wall Clock
  • String Lights
  • Martian Fairy
  • Stripped Paper Lantern
  • Starry Paper Lantern
  • Sparkling Fireworks Show
  • Buckaroo Plushie
  • Tickle Me Patriotic Penguin
  • Petfany Stained Glass Butterfly Light
  • Steaming Hot Bath
  • Sparkling Rainbow
  • Golden Swing Set
  • Tickle Me Kay Bear (Rare)
  • Dark Dragon Fountain
  • BFF Bunny and Frog Statue
  • Patriotic Balloon Trio
  • Luxuirious Modern Loft

I am so excited about the new Tickle Me’s and the Fireworks effect.  Yay


3 Responses to “Possible Monday Gold Release”

  1. lillieevans007 Says:

    Here I made this for anyone wanting to see the images http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff226/MotoCrossChick007/spp.jpg

  2. lillieevans007 Says:

    Sadly the mystery box will also be released Monday and knowing SPP and how they love to torture us (lol) the TM’s will likely be in the box.

  3. exoticdreams20 Says:

    Hi, I have the actual pictures of each object if you would like me to somehow send them to you? And the fireworks show is a Habby. My email is exotic_dreams2000@yahoo.com, just put Spp in the subject title so that I know it is you.

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