Not Again

Once again Slide has gone down right before a release.  You would think with ALL the gold and thousand if not millions of dollars they are making off us that they would be a more secure sight and not have so many glitches.  We deserve better than to have the sight go down or items just vanish from out inventory just cuz we have over 5000 items.  What are they going to do down the road when all players have over 5000 items.  Oh I know tell them to make a “storage account”  Please?  Really?  That is your fix?  Get another pet to store items on.



8 Responses to “Not Again”

  1. lillieevans007 Says:

    I gave up after an hour and a half since I live in Vermont and it was 4:30 around the time I said “I GIVE UP!!” Now I’m hurting and off to class. GRR! What time did it fix? I know I missed the Charlie’s Angel. But there’s plenty of John Bears to keep me company.

  2. kerimyers Says:

    How long does it usually stay down?? thanks!

  3. jfsmommie Says:

    oh my goodness SPP get it together!!!

  4. jacksmama324 Says:

    any idea when it will be back up?

  5. jesikamae Says:

    is it still down for anyone else??? 26 min after midnight (PST) and i still got NOTHING!!!

  6. asweetford Says:

    This really sucks, my eyes hurt from staying up to long. I am a loyal follower and this is the shit we get booooo………

  7. kelliwagner87 Says:

    How long did it take to fix last time?

  8. rattdoll Says:

    thanks for letting us know :p

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