Toy Item Creation Contest Winners and Honorary Mentions!!

The winners are in for the toy creation contestLeslie post this

Hey guys,

After reviewing almost 7000 posts, we have selected several honorary mentions and winners for the toy item creation contest!!

This was the first time we did a contest like this- it was so exciting to see so many creative people out there!

Per the original contest topic, since we need to ensure the quality AND consistency of the items that are going to be in the pet shop, we are being more ‘picky’ about what we select than usual.  But I think over time, we will want to have judges for item creation contests so we can get more input and ultimately more user created items into our pet shop. Additionally, we weren’t able to get in touch with every finalist to get their original PNG files to validate their authenticity so some were only able to be honorary mentions.

Here are the winners and honorary mentions!


Miss CyanBcL_qjJ45T-CpR7yV0EHzK7moo2XQ35yMBwLV2RG2z-Gg-78gvUzyCjtStjTGAN9NvS45ad86z93x6y1-kGrurTaa2TrAgOssUxvnwUo4T9rM2j8UTCYV-92VyhNMBO6UAXCRuwAzD_Lj_reEq4SERPHlZd9Naag




And the honorary mentions are:
Edward Cullen

One Response to “Toy Item Creation Contest Winners and Honorary Mentions!!”

  1. sppdragonawesomeness Says:

    I absolutely LOVE these “babies”! I’m wondering though, concerning the new gold…I used to be able to find the links & somehow, they stopped us from doing that, how are you guys finding them again?

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