Trade Scammers List

At some point all of us have ventured into the trade forums.  Some us of have been unlucky enough to get scammed.  This is the most recent list of scammers.  Please be careful when in the trade forums.

Please remember no trading is to be done through this site.  I just want everyone to know who to look out for.

Report scammer activity to: Juley
I will need the person’s URL and I will need you to take screen shots of the gift and the private PM in order proceed. Thanks!
URL Name Pet name Little Sheepy Antonio Poof Deleteaccount BooBoo NoName BabyBamboo Maria Aleiram
Name Change http://allgone3.superpokepets.comSheva Nancy Pgwen Arianna Brianna
Name Change DJ KuaU BaconBits BaconBits
Name Change ♥a Mimi Mitzi Rust Binx qwert Bo-jangles Brenda PussieWillow Adelin Bunny Emoily Freddy ByeByeSPP Croak &&уσυ Jumper
Name Change Sarah Sockmonkey
Name Change Abraham Mr. Rivers Danielle Cinder Bids on her own auctions! Raphael LemonLime CoolerThanK00l Tiga Cristina Bella Edward Cullen Daisy Lane Orea Alex Daisy Danny Seamus James Kush David DeleteThisAccount Mimzy
Name Change ! Dragonate
Name Change KRATOS!!!
Name Change xghgf J-Dog Friend LC David Gianalie Peggy
Name Change . Skelleton
Name Change Mario Picu GC Po Daddy Rogger Porsche Kit-Kat Nogard XCV ghjghj Nick Glamer
Name Change Jesse joro Joel Pummeluff Gec Roar Tara Snuggles
http://JesusApples.superpokepets.comOllie God
NEW!!! JoAnn Bananas Michelle Joy the Sadistic Kitty Juddy drakuuuqiii Kimball Speedy Leah Santas Helper Lee Margie Leonardo Leonardo
Name Change No Rambo danny Allie I Coki Manny Marinela Neka
Name Change Ceci Peek-a-Boo Michelle Coco Chanel
Name Change Merfiz Sicario
Name Change Mil Kitty Kat Natalia Mushu Felix Monino Nala Tigry Nickole Pandy Jessica Prissy Joey Fire
NEW!!! Roblox Froggy Pilisha Pilisha Monkeybone Monkeybone lil’s Pisy Lupita Lupita Mlso Pingu Pixie Banana Ruuubbbyyy Poppyyy
Name Change Christian Belat ♥♀♀♥ Navaeh Skyler Guinn Ralph Nathan RibbitFrogger Rikki Rust Rocky Laurie Royal Badness
Name Change Ruby Major Oinks!! fdfbsd neto Martin Wolfe Peanut Butter Star Leo Maria Kitty
Name Change Gigi Shonkkin Reggie Rust Smudge
Name Change Tiguerazo Alex
Name Change Pengui Jr. Ivsania YaZz
Name Change Sassy Mr. Hops SPP Lover Tigres Brian William Matthew Tim Harvey TAEREA ***Yoshi*** New Bee I love you! Trista Joe
Name Change Panda Bo * Mei-Ling HayHay Pandiux
Name Change Dragon Draggy Michelle Hopper Leo jacobi Bella Dean Vincent Sushi
Name Change George Tono

3 Responses to “Trade Scammers List”

  1. I really must say that this is a very unfair and not a nice thing to have on this web-site. No-one knows what the original agreement was in these various transactions and to take advantage of a disagreement between two people just to add a little excitement to your page is…..well let’s just say ‘Shame on you’!!

    You may print their names on this site once. But they spend the rest of their SPP lifetime cleaning up the mess ( from the dirtying of their reputation) that you have made!!! Can’t you see how wrong that is ??? And how do you know that the other person didn’t do something to them first? You don’t. You don’t know the whole situation. Only what you were told and what you have based on ONE screenshot. Foolish and Tacky!!


    • Thank You for your comment. I understand where the list may seem unfair to the person that ends up on it. Though there are some that are one the list that DO need to be there to protect the new users that go into the trades. We also, if you haven’t noticed or don’t read Addict much, haven’t posted and update to that list. We posted it once and never again after that. It was never our intent to ruin someones fun on SPP but to warn others and let them know to use caution when trading items with another user.

  2. francisco532 Says:

    Does this really matter anymore?! I mean, now the ‘propose trade’ option is available so there’s no scamming! 🙂
    My profile address is:

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