Gold Previews

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This is all the stuff in the two Mystery Boxes

The Tm Tiger, Sparkle Bubble Blast Effect , and White Peacock are in the one dollar Mystery box. The Day to Night Beach Habby(real-time), Tm Venusian Martian and FAiryFly Trio are in the 2 dollar boxes,


4 Responses to “Gold Previews”

  1. the thing with gold, is that it IS precious money people can afford to spend. people can complain about the items all you want but it is JUST a game.I have fun decorating my habitat that is why I have my pet. not to get “mad” at the game. I really like this blog 🙂

  2. sppdragonawesomeness Says:

    OMG!!! A WHITE TIGER!!! I LOVE THEM!!! (I’ve got two white tiger tattoos!!)
    I hope it’s not a mystery gift item. 😦
    (Cross your fingers for me!)

    • fallenhope Says:

      I had my fingers crossed for you and for me…no such luck. I should have known. They made BOTH TM’s part of the lucky dip. You’d think they would have alternated, considering the TM Kay was part of the lucky dip last time. I give them about two more months to get their crap together before I quit and start selling off my items. I hope they go down eventually. Slide treats its customers like garbage.

  3. alrambo Says:

    Here is one more i Found so far:) Gary

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