Coin Preview

Hot off the press!!


5 Responses to “Coin Preview”

  1. pardalisgirl Says:

    Speak for yourself honey. Tons of people LOVE the plushies. I agree about the mailbox, however.

    • ellawitch Says:

      considering they didn’t sell out anywhere as fast as any other plushies released in recent memory, i have a hard time believing tons of people love them. i think the sales speak for themself

  2. rassbert Says:

    Yeah I agree, they have really been sucking. I’m glad I didn’t wake up at midnight the past couple o weeks.

  3. fallenhope Says:

    I think that kitchen was a mix up. It wasn’t there last night; but a very pink, girly and almost cartoonish bedroom was.

  4. ellawitch Says:

    really – another mailbox???? i think we get one every week. lame. there are a few ok pieces but in my opinion, alot of duds, yet again. the last few weeks coin releases have been pretty weak. just basic retreads of stuff already done. : ( or stuff no one really cares about / wants (like those plushies)

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