Diamond Necklace

I recieved a PM from Patty tonight.  This is what she passed onto me.  Thank You Patty for the great tip.  I know I have seen the Diamond Necklace on a lot of lists!

Audi, A friend of mine alerted me to the fact that there is a secret item in the pet shop currently…

If you type diamond in the pet shop search bar a diamond necklace shows up. it is 5000 coins right now… It was found quite by accident..

your fans may like finding this (pardon the pun, )hidden gem



11 Responses to “Diamond Necklace”

  1. OK, someone set me straight on how to go about this? I have tried over and over according to a few here and I get nothing. LOL or really SOLD OUT
    I would love to find some secret stuff. LMBO BTW, I love checking in here for all the great info! Thanks all!!

  2. drooster43 Says:

    where can u go to get the necklace?..i went to the pet shops and no necklaces…please help me…thanks

  3. alrambo Says:

    Guys all the stuff is in there, have been all along, what the deal is the only way to get to apparel is to not have any, lol then you go to customize and you see the apparel button click on it then click on go to shop to buy some, been buying diamond neckless for month on ghost account then seen to my account and sell you really level up fast when you buy high dollar items

  4. makaila410 Says:

    yea i figured out all the stuff that was hidden a while back n told alot of people and made sure to buy like 150 necklaces n now gone….also search mitts for alot of oven mitts and also search sporty medal for something else…..there use to be a coach whistle n catchers mitt but all gone now!!

  5. cgarinmo Says:

    Hmm, the diamond necklace is sold out for me. 😦

    I’ve never seen anyone talking about it.

  6. moonmagiic Says:

    I just want to say thank you guys so much for all you do. I always check here for the latest SPP info. Keep up the excellent work!! Also, love love the secret “search” item!

  7. lilbittyprety12000 Says:

    Awhile ago they got rid of the apparel section in the shop which had the clothing items that didn’t move with your pet, like the bow ties, the diamond necklace and such. It’s great to see that stuff like the necklace is still around. I had been wanting a couple more for various things.

  8. alienpundit Says:

    I was able to get 2 of those diamond necklaces I also got pearl earrings but those are no longer available, the diamond necklace is.

  9. jumajewelry Says:

    Thank you sooo much for the information! Any other interesting finds would be greatly appreciated! I’ve been looking for the diamond necklace and those cowboy boots forever!

  10. monae75 Says:

    The diamond necklace has been in the shop since i started! There were many many post concerning how to find it. That is my favorite thing to gift, since it increased your points. Now, we have the stars and stripes and tiaras to give us that boost.

  11. sppaddicted Says:

    Thanks for pointing that out for everyone! Just have to say that the diamond necklace has been in the pet shop for at LEAST 6 months now. There are also other things like cowboy boots. Thanks again!

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