Sort Your Friends

Slide has added a new feature.  You can now sort your friends.

sort byOf course there are draw backs to this new feature.  It seems that they site is now not letting some players into there inbox or into the site at all.  I even had that problem for about 10 minutes earlier this evening.  It is a great idea.  Though instead of sorting them I wish they would just let us do a search for the friend we are trying to find.  I guess as one person put it, baby steps for slide.


One Response to “Sort Your Friends”

  1. sookie1964 Says:

    i love the new feature BUT could we get an easier feature to Delete as well?? sort of like the MySpace Mailbox, check the ones to be deleted then hit a delete button….PLEASE PLEASE. Also can we get the new easier way to play with our friends too??? I LOVE the new MySpace SPP friends layout.

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