Habitat Contest 10 Finalists

These are the 10 finalist Nick and I have chosen.  Now there fate is in your hands, the fans of SPP Addict.  Please vote for your favorite habitat.  The winner will be announced one hour before Thursdays Coin Release.  The winner will get a small gold item.  The two runners up will get to pick one coin item out of the release that night. (entries have been put in alphabetical order)

Thank you to all that entered.  Choosing only 10 was quite difficult.  We will be doing another contest later with a different theme.  Be on the look out for it!!

Celestia StarrCelestia Starr

Diane HallDiane Hall

Dragon FireDragon Fire

Elke NeaderElke Neader

Jai the FaeJai the Fae

Kara ThraceKara Thrace


Moe MonkeyMoe Monkey


Zachary JonesZachary Jones


One Response to “Habitat Contest 10 Finalists”

  1. blacksaphira Says:

    they are all so wonderful it is hard to choose!

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