New Masterpiece

Sold out in 20 seconds


3 Responses to “New Masterpiece”

  1. desilu11 Says:

    Kaylee is beautiful..Congrats to Mike and his wife!!!!!

  2. I am glad that Slide has finally wised up and notified everyone about the release of the masterpiece. It has been so unfair with the same people getting them everytime. This way if there is a leak to people about it coming out, this will make it more fair. Way to go Slide!!!!!

    • fallenhope Says:

      There was nothing fair about this. TOO many people knew so the ones that were able to purchase them are the ones now using them to make a profit. If they never wanted one, they should have left the purchasing to those that actually wanted one to keep!

      There were people that had it in their cart, and when checking out got the all too famous “OOPS! There is no more of XXXX left in the shop!” and STILL got charged the 50 dollars!

      One user managed to get their money back and the staff member made it clear that Slide does not refund gold purchases, as if they were doing the person that got ripped off a favor.

      Way to go Slide allright…

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