Congrats to Mike and Wife!!

Congrats to Mike Huang, founder of superpoke pets and his wife on their first child!!! Baby’s name is Kaylee and here is a pic.



5 Responses to “Congrats to Mike and Wife!!”

  1. nanci2121 Says:

    Congratulations to Mike and wife!

    May Kaylee be blessed with love, happiness, and good fortune, throughout her life.

  2. tracylynne6 Says:

    How cute!!!!! Congrats to the happy family…FYI the is an AWESOME Baby Kaylee plushie for FREE in SPP store, what a wonderful tribute for all of us to add to our habitats!

  3. cuddlebear90 Says:

    Omg Yay Mike..I am sooo Proud…Congrats to you and Your New Family..please give my best to your Lovely wife and New baby Girl Kaylee..HUGS!!!

  4. kpmonkeymommy Says:

    what a cutie!! I think she looks like Mike

  5. desilu11 Says:

    Kaylee is beautiful..Congrats Mike and his wife.

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