Candy Store, Arcade, Science Lab Hab Contest

Like all contests this one has rules that must be followed.

  1. The contest will be given a theme.  It must be followed or your entry will not be counted
  2. Mostly Coin items must be used.  A few gold items is fine but we would like to see creative habitats that are easy for other users to view
  3. To enter create your habitat and post it in the SPP Addict Contest forum provided.
  4. Of course there will be a prize for the winner.  We will pick a small gold item for the winner.  The two runners up will get to pick one coin item out of the shop on release night.
  5. We will choose the best 10 and the readers of SPP Addict will pick the winner.
  6. Only one entry per person.  If two entries are submitted we will go with the first entry and the second one will not be counted.

All entries must be submitted by 12:00am PST, Monday August 10, 2009.  Any entries after then will not be counted.  Happy creating!!

Theme: Candy Store, Science Lab or Arcade

Enter Here


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