Header Contest Entries

We had thirteen entries in the SPP Addict Header contest.  There were a few others that after careful review didn’t qualify.  If your entry isn’t here that is why.  Please vote on the following entries.  The winning header will replace the one currently at the top and also win this:


Ava McCoyAva McCoy

Carolin UlbrichtCarolin Ulbricht

Destiny MarriottDestiny Marriott

Diane BertramDiane Bertram

Julie JohnsonJulie Johnson

Kendra WilcoxKendra Wilcox


lewis lombalewis lomba

Lorraine MorrowLorraine Morrow

maria lambertmaria lambert

Pam SaarPam Saar




2 Responses to “Header Contest Entries”

  1. brainyogurt10 Says:

    Umm I think they are good. Some show that the person who made it likes SPP’s drawing and copy-writing them…others took the time to draw their own which I think is great! (er)

  2. handmadebyava Says:

    Looks like all of the entries are amazing, No matter who wins the new banner will be great!

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