Garden Feature

Slide has randomly selected people to try out the new garden feature.  Last week when everyone was saying that they had the garden and some didn’t I figured out of the 10 pets I have (yes that is a 10).

For those on Facebook here is a thread I made today for all of us that have the garden.  For those on Myspace here is the thread for you. Easy way to find people to water your garden and to have yours watered.

I didn’t forget the ones that are curious about what the garden looks like.  Here are some screen shots from a few gardens I visited today.

Garden 1Garden 2

Can’t wait until everyone has this feature.  Though I hope there are more seeds released.  The flower, dragon, and butterfly are cute but more selection would be nice also.


One Response to “Garden Feature”

  1. pardalisgirl Says:

    YES. I hope we end up with more variety. On my first round I ended up with FIFTEEN TM Gardner dragons. It would be cool to see the trees produce a variety of items rather than just one per growth.

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