Forum Update

One new feature that has come with the new update I do not like.  Slide has decided it wonderful idea to put targets on the back of the gold buyers in the forums.  We now have gold frames around our forum pics.

gold frame

For me having the gold buyers badge is bad enough without advertising “Hey look at me I buy gold”  Slide when are you going to start to respect the gold buyers that fund this side and keep some of our privacy for us?  I say BOOO to this new feature!!!


7 Responses to “Forum Update”

  1. You can now turn the gold box around your name off by going to “settings” and unchecking the box. I really didn’t find it a big deal considering the badge is there anyway. LOL

  2. harleyquinn200 Says:

    just found out you can change this in the settings area. just check marj the little box that says dont display my gold settings or something like that!
    it works!!!

  3. you now can go into your settings and there is an option to check that will hide the gold frame!!!! yay!!!

  4. To get rid of the Gold Box around your pic. Go to Forum settings.
    The 12 th box down says “Hide my gold buying status on forum and friends tab.” Check the box next to it and the frame disappears.

  5. lilbittyprety12000 Says:

    It’s a really bad idea, and I see from enough people complaining, there’s already a post up about how there going to make it optional if you want to show it. I don’t know anyone that’s going to allow that with all the people out there sending random messages. I haven’t gotten any yet, but I have in the past.

  6. marypowellspp Says:

    I hate this. Since this has been on I keep receiving emails from strangers asking me for gold. This is just more harassment from people I dont know. My block button is on overdrive this week!

  7. handmadebyava Says:

    This is something I am less than happy with as well…. I mean this is about our privacy. The badge is branding, and now we can forget about getting lost among 4,000 friends, they just have to look for the gold band.
    I already get emails from rude, tacky and annoying people saying things like “gift me 1 gold item plz” ugh…. SPP needs to remember that if they make the gold buyers unhappy they make their pockets unhappy. I am refusing to buy gold until they fix these problems. I mean 5 dollars for fertilizer…. come on!!!

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