Leak, Prices for tonights gold release

‘Samurai Plushie’ 35
‘Enchanted Samurai Sword’ 15
‘Whisked Away House’ 35
‘Mystical Scroll of Secrets’ 10
‘Flying Monkey Trio’ 20
‘Tiger Ninja Plushie’ 20
‘Turtle Ninja Plushie’ 20
“Twisted Witch’s Broom” 15
‘Ninja Night’ 100
‘The Golden Brick Road’ 100
‘Dangerous Trapdoor’ 25
‘Pets of Oz Plushie Pack’ 50
‘Sheepcrow’ 50
‘Tin Chicken’ 50
‘Dorothy Bun’ 50
‘Sissy Lion’ 50
‘Basic Mystery Box’ 10
‘Pig in the Mud’ 100
‘Penguininja Plushie’ 50
‘Falling Cherry Blossoms’ 10
‘Good vs Evil Companions’ 15
‘The Twisted Witch of the Pets Hat’ 35
“Good Witch’s Crown” 15
‘Blazing Apollo Crown’ 15

This is not confirmed just a leak from a source…. Looks like another mystery box


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