Myspace Trainers

SPP Training CenterI know most of us enjoy using the Trainee program to earn coins for our Thursday shopping spree.  There is a group that do trainees for the masses.  They can graduate a trainee like nobodies business.  They very little of you, DO NOT PLAY WITH THE PET and a small gift can be sent  They can get the badges for plushies, gold, apparel/accessories, and the arcade.  We get the coins!!  The SPP Training Center has multiple Trainers at different times during the day.  MJ started the training center and is excited to have us share the link with our fans.

I am working on getting the Facebook Trainer Links for our Facebook users.  If you have these or know who I should contact please PM me on SPP.


3 Responses to “Myspace Trainers”

  1. hey add me to on my space do trainees every day to =) love mj =)

  2. Will someone PLEASE tell me how to do this? Pleas? Thank you !!!

  3. YAY!!! MJ… I just wanted to say thank you to MJ and all the other wonderful people that take the time to do all the trainees and allow us to join in. I know its very time consuming for you. So again thank you you guys are great!!!!! And congrats on making it too the big time…LOL>>LOL

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