Coin Sneak Peek

‘Sweet Bakery’
‘Fields of Tulips and Skies of Love’
‘Petstock Festival’
‘Lovely Outdoor Wedding Arch’
‘Da Dum Dum Drums’
‘Bright Blue Paintbrush’
‘Ruby Red Paintbrush’
‘Silver Spray Can’
‘Black Spray Can’
‘Flower Power Plushie’
‘Love Child Plushie’
“Baker’s Metal Whisk”
“Baker’s Wooden Rolling Pin”
‘Best Man’
‘Weeping Mother-in-law’
‘Joshua the Sheep’
‘Gilded Shofar’
‘Wedge of Swiss Cheese’
‘Light Wooden Clogs’
‘Purple Wooden Clogs’
‘Horn of the Alps’
‘Acousticy Guitar’
‘Peace Ribbon’
‘Hand Painted Roly-Poly Pack (rare)’

‘Roly-Poly Monkey’
‘Roly-Poly Penguin’
‘Roly-Poly Turtle’
‘Windmill of the Hilly Hills’
‘Dark Brick Wall’
‘Sparkling City Streetlamp’
‘Slide Graffiti Stamp’
‘Bright Blue Paint Bucket’
‘Ruby Red Paint Bucket’
‘Hip Boombox’
‘Full Bread Basket’
‘Straight French Bread’
‘Chocolate Frosted Cake’
‘Strawberry Frosted Cake’
‘Chocolate Chip Cookie’
‘Sprinkled Cherry Donut’
‘Sprinkled Coffee Donut’
“Baker’s Mixer”
“Baker’s Multi-Oven”
‘Cherrywood Sweets Shelf’
‘Bakery Sweets Stand’
“Baker’s Measuring Cup”
‘Bakery Sweets Display’
‘Yellow Potted Tulips’
‘Flag of Holland Sticker’
‘Dutch Beverage Cart’
‘Groovy Van’
‘Lovey Dovey’
‘Flowers of Love’
‘Keytastic Keyboard’
‘Intense Microphone’
‘Groovy Petstock Flag’
‘Snazzy Speaker’
‘Graffiti Cap’
‘Blonde Curled Pigtail Wig’
‘Brunette Curled Pigtail Wig’
‘Brown Beardy Beard’
‘Red Beardy Beard’
‘Blonde Hippie Wig’
‘Brown Hippie Wig’
‘Marvelous Dreadlocks’
‘Swell Dreadlocks’
‘Groovy Sunglasses’
‘Really Feathered Headband’
‘Orange Feathered Headband’
‘Clay Brick Wall’
‘Red Potted Tulips’
‘Metal Can of Rubbish’
‘Caramel Cream Cookie’
‘Opened Flour Sack’


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