Gold Spoiler

Was given this list of gold items to come.  Was given a date October 1, 2009 but that is a Thursday.  Wondering if it is the Friday release of gold for October 2, 2009.  So pretty much I don’t know when we will see these items just that my sorce hasn’t been wrong about items yet.

‘Eggirific Egg Chair’
‘Dragonfater Clock’
‘Pooltastic Table’
‘Rawr Monkey Can Hear’
‘Oink Monkey Can See’
‘Bamboo Monkey Can Say’
‘Future Jelly Bean’



3 Responses to “Gold Spoiler”

  1. sppdragonawesomeness Says:

    Well, we never saw those & the month is almost over. This has happened twice this month.

  2. I have a sneaking suspicion that Slide is going to increase the price of gold now. Acting as if giving 2.50 is such a wonderful thing.

  3. I see that Slide is making October 1st appreciation day. Maybe this has something to do with the gold release date and the free gold. I’m hoping the items coming out will all be 25 gold. LOL

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