Recycle your Items

We now have the option to recycle our unused coin items for a lower amount of coins than we paid for them. At first I thought this is a great new feature till I tested it out.  Know that previously when a Myspace user “Traded Back” an item it would go back into the store for another SPP user to buy.  Not with this new feature.  When it is recycled it poofs into no where.  To be lost forever.  Great for all those trainee gift we got.  Get coins for then instead of them hogging up space in our inventory.  Not so great for older items.


This is what Leslie had to say on the forum about the new recycle feature.

Hey Everyone!

We’ve noticed how many of you are making great use of the “trade back” feature on Myspace. That’s why we are extending the feature to all social networks, and too! Now everyone can get in on the Recycling fun! Recycling will give you the opportunity to trade in any of your items for coins, and also free up space in your inventory.

If you choose to recycle your unwanted items, you will receive a percentage of your previous Pet Shop purchase price back in coins! This is a great way for you to dust off some of the inventory items you no longer use and get more coins for doing your part to recycle.

To use this new feature, go to the Customize tab on your profile page. Next to the “Send as Gift” tab, there will be a new tab labeled “Recycle.”

Once you click on “Recycle”, you will also have the option to choose as many items to recycle as you want. As you recycle your items, you will see your coin balance rise at the same time!

Time to clean out the cobwebs, I can’t wait to see the new items you buy with all of the coins you’ll get from SPP recycling!


There is a petition you can “sign” if you don’t like the new recycle feature.  I personally like the feature just not the idea that it doesn’t go back to the shop and it just poofs away forever.


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