Safe Trading

Safe Trading is here!! Yes finally. Oh wait there are some conditions. The items you are trying to trade for must be in there have list or it won’t work. I get the reason behind that. So everyone can’t see every item you own. If they are going to use the have list then they either need to allow us to put as many items as we want or allow us a “for trade” list.

Here is the step by step on Safe Trading

1. In the profile select Propose Trade

Propose Trade

2. Select the item(s) you want to trade to get and click continue

Propose trade 1

3. Select the items you are willing to trade to get that item(s)

Propose trade 2

4. Propose the trade

Propose trade 3

Please be aware that is says FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME. Please be cautious when using this feature so you don’t get charged later.

Propose trade 4


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