Coin Leak for tonight

New Items

The Pinkest Room’
‘Pyramids of Giza’
‘Sunny Autumn Park’
‘Cospetic Counter”
White Wooden Table’
‘Anubis Jar’
‘Golden Egyptian Necklace (rare)’
‘Mummificated Sheep Plushie’
‘Conker Chestnut’
‘Supporting Sisters’
‘Striped Harvest Gourd’
”Udder Diva’
‘White Spoon Gourd’
‘Yellow Bicolor Gourd’
‘Red Fall Leaf’
”Yellow Fall Leaf’
‘Green Fall Leaf’
‘Orange Fall Leaf’
‘Terrific TV’
‘Statue of Bastet’
‘Super Pointy Cactus’
‘Super Skewed Pointy Cactus’
‘Super Small Pointy Cactus’
‘Resting Camel’
”Tablet of Anubis’
‘Urn of the Pharaoh’
‘Biggie Pumpkin’
‘Stout Pumpkin’
‘White Pumpkin’
‘Harvest Wreath’
‘Harvest Apple Barrel’
‘Pretty Pink Lamp’
‘Pleasantly Pink Couch’
‘Pleasingly Pink Curtains’
‘Plushy Pink Pillow’
‘Make Up Brush’
”Little Brown Comb’
‘Make Up Compact’
‘Pink Bar Stool’
‘:’Pink Counter’
‘Cosmetics Caddy’
‘Lashy Lash Curler’
‘Lustful Lip Gloss’
‘Major Red Lipstick’
‘Cutey Cute Mirror’
‘Nice Nail Polish’
‘Perfect Perfume’
‘Pretty Perfume’
”Pristine Perfume’
”Silken Sun Head Cover’
‘Mini Pumpkin’
‘Cosmetic Brushes’
‘Red Hairdryer’
‘Little Bottle of Nail Polish’,
“Pumpkin Lovin’ Kitty”,(secret item)


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