Question and Answer

There have been some questions asked in the last few weeks through the comments on posts.  I thought I would take the time to answer some of them.

Q: I did not have any idea it (The Nuzzle MP) was released and had already sold out . why aren’t these items placed in the shop at a time that most players can see and have a chance to get one ? please tell me some thing , thank you!

A: This paticular time it was a 12:00 PM release.  Lunch time for most in the US.  As for the previous MP release was during the normal gold release at 12 am pst.

Q: What happens for those who have missed the secret item?  Is their anyway possible for those who missed the items  to still have it available to them till the end of the month , that it is released?  Please someone get back to me on this.  Thank you !

A: Unfortunately once the item is missed for that week there is no way to get the item from the store.  There are a few out there that may gift the item so if you are truly interested in it put it on your wishlist.

Q: Anyone know what the heck they were going for with the Chicken Pumpkin? It doesn’t look ANYTHING like a chicken, it looks like a glob! If anyone can see some sense in it, please respond and let me know!

A: I’m with you on that plus some of the other new pet pumpkins.  They are just slightly odd.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of question and answer.  If you have any SPP related question you would like answed just leave them in the comments.  I will get to them as soon as I can.


One Response to “Question and Answer”

  1. my question is more about this wonderful site then spp. i always love coming to this site to see what’s up coming in the wonderful world of spp, but i have one problem… the music you attach to your release movies and flicks are very loud. i try to keep my volume down so i do not disturb others in my household that may be asleep at the odd hours i am on here. but i cant always remember to hit the mute button and scan the page for potential noise makers. i dont mean to sound annoying and i know you cant please everyone all the time, but my question is, is it necessary to have the music on those slide shows or is it posilbe in the future to maybe not use the music. i hate to offend anyone, and i really really love this site… i’ll still come back either way 🙂

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