Contest Time!!

This time around it isn’t a habitat contest.  We have decided to do a scavenger hunt.  To win you must:

  1. I will post pictures of items from the Pet Shop. These hunt items will be coin items and gold and some may be sold out or rare.
  2. You will find the hunt items and post them in a habitat. Sometimes a habitat will be included as a hunt item, and the items must be placed in that habitat. Other times, use the habitat of your choice, provided it is not very “busy” (detailed).
  3. Entries must be left as their current habitat until it can be verified. (to avoid cut/paste cheats)
  4. Contest end October 18 at midnight.  Please give us time to verify all entries.  Winners will be announce as soon as we can.
  5. The first person to post all of the correct items in the habitat will win the hunt. The second and third place winners will get to choose one item out of the coin release on Thursday.

Habitat is Part of this hunt.  If it isn’t included your entry will not be counted!!




Post entry here in FORUM (Click)


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