Elite Noble

elite_noble_tophatIf you are some of the growing few that have reached level 27, Elite Noble congrats.  The down side is that for now you have “beat” the game.  There are no more levels to conquered or aspire to reach.  Slide I have been told is working on adding more levels.

You may notice that your pet points bar isn’t moving.  This is because there isn’t another level to level up to.  You will still be earning pet points and Slide is tracking them so when a new level is added they will count toward the new levels.


4 Responses to “Elite Noble”

  1. Hi Everyone I talked with Tony about this because I to Leveled up from Level 24 to level 27 (skipped 25 and 26) When they updated levels last. I do know we are looking at much harder leveling up now. I told Tony I was reaching having 1 million points since I last leveled up. He said to me,that sounds about right to reach level 28. AS we surge threw these levels it is going to take longer and longer to get to the next level.


  2. Sorry, check the last page where they are updated! 😉


    Please check the new levels “MASTER”

    They will be redy in few months.



  4. celticgoddess143 Says:

    In the contest for Fashion Week, it was divided into to categories, Ace & below, and Top Ace and above. I noticed that in the upper category, the last level they listed was Junior Master. Is that a new catetory? Is that something we can reach, or just a carrot on a stick to keep us playing the game?

    I’ve been Elite Nobel for a while and have gotten over a half a million pet points and still can barely see the bar, let alone watch it move, it’s getting discouraging!

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