Coin Leak 10/22/2009

Village of the Undead’
‘Quaint Cottage’
‘Creepy Cemetery Court’
‘Spooky Striped Room’,’tags’:
‘Superpopo Ramen Shop’,’tags’:
‘Halloween Mini Kay Bear (rare)’,
‘Pink Spiderelly Candy Plushie’
Blonde Spiderelly Candy Plushie’
Cauldron Candy Bucket’
‘Ghostly Candy Dish’
‘Ghouly Cupcake’,
‘Franken Cupcake’
‘Mummy Cupcake’
‘Fang-iful Cupcake’
‘Vlad Tiger Coffin Plushie’
“Witch’s Prediction Sphere”
‘Witchy Broom’
‘Tiger Pimp’,
:’Poisoned Green Apple’
Poisoned Red Apple’
‘Gnarled Cane’
‘Dwarf Kitty Statue’
‘Dwarf Dragon Statue’
‘Dwarf Penguin Statue’
‘Dwarf Bunny Statue’
Dwarf Chicken Statue’
‘Dwarf Pig Statue’
‘Dwarf Sheep Statue’
‘Poisoned Hair Comb’
“Snow Pet’s Red Ribbon”
:’Soda Bottle’
‘Refreshing Ice Water’
‘Fresh Oven Pizza’
‘Fresh Pizza Slice’
‘Soda Can’,
‘Empty Pizza Boxes’
‘Jar of Seasoning’
‘Barbeque Sauce’
‘Pizza Dough’
“Baker’s Rolling Pin”
‘Kitchen Set’
‘Lacquered Ramen Chopsticks’
‘Cheerful Ghost’
‘Wrapped Up Piggy’,’
‘Double Headed Sheep’
‘Deranged Doggy’
‘Viney Autumun Bench’
‘Vibrantly Plump Pumpkin’,
‘Grinning Jack-o-Lantern’
‘Purple Haunting Ghost’
‘Blue Haunting Ghost’
‘Gazing Forest Owl’
‘Red Potion Cauldron’,’
‘Purple Potion Cauldron’
Green Potion Cauldron’
‘Wispy Haunting Ghost’,’
‘Spider Tight Rope’
‘Grim Graveyard Tombstone’,
‘Super Sharp Axe’
‘Amazing Bow and Arrow’,
‘Yummy Loaf of Bread’,
‘Cast Iron Cooking Pot’,
‘Tickety Tockety Clock Tower’
‘Fire Logs of the Forest’,
‘Gourdy Gourd Canteen’,
‘Grapey Grapes’
‘Mighty Mace’,
‘Swordy Sword of the Forest’
“Survivor’s Bowl”
‘Wheely Wheelbarrow’,
“Survivor’s Goblet”
“Burly Man’s Table”
‘Magical Mirror on the Wall’
‘Pizza Parlor Table’,
‘Pizza Parlor Red Stool’
‘Miso Ramen’,
‘Tonkotsu Ramen’
‘Shoyu Ramen’
‘Shiyo Ramen’
‘Ramen Takeout Box’
‘Can of Chopsticks’
‘Clay Kyusu’,
‘Crystal Pumpkin’
‘Small Blue Sake Cup’
‘Small Blue Sake Server’
‘Ramen Shop Stool’
‘Ramen Shop Lantern’
‘Spooky Furniture Set Coin Pack’
‘Spooky Striped Bed’
:’Spooky Striped Chair’
‘Spooky Striped Cabinet’
‘Spooky Striped Lamp’,
Spooky Striped Table’,’tags’:[

‘Black Sorceress Hat’
Purple Sorceress Hat’
“Snow Pet’s Ebony Wig”
‘Magenta Dwarf Cap’,
:’Green Dwarf Cap’
‘Pizza Chef Extraordinaire Hat’
“Snow Pet’s Sparkling Tiara”
‘Ramen Master Cap’,
‘Haunted Home’,’

‘Black Cat Plushie Seed’
‘Pumpkin Seed’

Mystery Box
‘Brewing Spooks Cauldron’
‘Pumpkin Fairy’
‘Ghostly Mysterious Painting’,


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  1. You are Awesome !! SPP ROCKS !!!

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