Wings for Pets

We get a new accessory item, Wings!  Well we will with the gold release Monday night. Yes we have had wings in the past but these will attach to our pets and move.  Unlike the past wings that came in two pieces that we have to put on our pets.  I also thought they looked kinda funny cuz they never sat on the pet right.


4 Responses to “Wings for Pets”

  1. OH MY I should read a little better LOL say right there will be with tonights gold release..Are they gold or will they be coins???

  2. Like the original article says, they are coming out this Monday, October 26 with the regularly schedule gold item release.

  3. Do you happen to know when these will be out I just look and they are not in my pet shop yet???

  4. squeezewax Says:

    where are they?

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