coin leak 10/29

New ReleaseWindy Road Manor’
‘Day of the Dead Cemetery’
‘New York City Corner’,
‘Spooky Courtyard of the Night’
‘Spooky Bedroom’,
‘Spooks the Ghost (item of the day!)’,
‘Demon Pitchfork’,
‘Blue Vampire Teeth’
:’Candy Loving Ghost’,
‘Wrapped Pumpkin Lollipop’
‘Giant Candy Sack’
‘Candy-Filled Cauldron’
‘Spencer the Spider’,
‘Candy Corn Pumpkin Bucket’
‘Tattoo Machine’,
‘Pink Calaverita ‘
‘Green Calaverita ‘
‘Basket of Marigolds’
:’Candied Pumpkins’
‘Bread of the Dead’,
‘Catrina Figurine’
‘Cream Cheese Bagel Plate’
‘Fully Loaded Hotdog’
‘Fluffy Mega Pretzel’
‘Carton of Mega Pretzels’
‘Cute Black Cat’,
‘Spell Book of Spells’
‘Skullish Candelabra’
‘Candifying Bag of Candy’
‘Stuffed Hat of Candy’
‘Candifying Jar of Candy’,
:’Spooky Pumpkin Chandelier’
‘Flaming Fiery Fireplace’
Hooky Hook’
:’Lovely Pumpkin’,
‘Funny Pumpkin’
‘Festive Pumpkin’,
‘Halloween Haunted House Sign’
Headless Skeleton Body’
“Headless Skeleton’s Head”,
:’The Hand’
‘Graveyard Tombstone’
‘Spooky Vase’
‘Web of Webby Webs’
‘Cute Little Werewolf’
‘Orange Votive Candle’
‘Pink Votive Candle’,
‘Green Votive Candle’
‘Blue Votive Candle’
‘Yellow Votive Candle’
‘Broken Spider Web’
“Bucket o’ Loot”,
‘Cross Tombstone’
‘Completed Spider Web’
‘Green Spookster’
‘Hanging Paper Ghost’
‘Blue Spookster’
:’Ivy Tombstone’
‘Partly Finished Spider Web’
‘Purple Spookster’,
‘R.I.P. Cracked Tombstone’
‘Spooky Sheep Tombstone’
‘Black Skeleton Candle’
‘Black Widow Spider Web’
‘Viney Plump Pumpkin’
‘Spooky Happy Halloween Sign’
‘Day of the Dead Grave’,
‘Altar de Muertos’,
‘Colorful Day of the Dead Banner’
‘Blue Keyboard Rug’,
‘Mini Empire State Building’
‘Green Keyboard Rug’
‘Pretzel and Hot Dog Vendor’
‘Red Keyboard Rug’
‘Mini Statue of Liberty’
‘Black Kitty Clock’
‘Bat Clock’,
‘Panda Marionette’
‘Bathing Skeletal Beauty’
‘Emerald Crystal Ball’
‘Amethyst Crystal Ball’
‘Demon Mask’,’
‘Franken Mask’
‘Wolfie Mask’
‘Dashing Eye Mask’
“The Devil’s Hair”
‘Blue I Heart NYC’,hat
‘Red I Heart NYC’,hat’:
‘Blue Flutterfly Wings’
‘Freaky Petenstein Head Piece’
‘Spotted Witch Hat’,
‘Pompous Purple Butterfly Wings’
‘Glorious Green Butterfly Wings’
‘Beautiful Blue Fly Wings’
‘Deadly Dragon Wings’
‘Spidery Web Wings’


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