SPP Clubs

Are you interested in joining or starting an SPP Club of your own? You found the right place! Before we get started, I just wanted to take you through a few simple rules that apply to everyone that starts or joins an SPP Club:

1. You can only be in one club at a time. If you want to leave one club for a different one, or even start your own, you will automatically lose membership in the club you were previously part of. Being part of one club at a time is simply to make sure that every member of your club really wants to be there and is committed to being a great club member smile

2. There is a 10,000 coin fee to start a club. Just like any item in the Pet Shop, the club has a lot of value and provides a great service for you and your friends. This fee also makes sure that you’re committed to managing your club. If you don’t want to pay to start a club, you can always join a club instead for free!

3. You can have up to 100 members in a club. This is to just make sure that the club is manageable and doesn’t get too hectic smile So let’s get started already! The “Clubs” tab can be found on the far right next to the “Arcade” tab. Go ahead and click on the tab where you’ll find a little welcome note: You’ll land on the “All Clubs” page where you’ll find all the clubs you can apply to join, or even start a club of your own!



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