Random Coin Release 10/29

Twins of Terror

This plushie is the fourth of the Plushie House of Horror Series!


7 Responses to “Random Coin Release 10/29”

  1. I was not able to get this Item.. I tried very hard.. Will it come back???

  2. shellsnvin Says:

    The other three releases were:
    1.Wrapped up piggy
    2.Deranged doggy
    3.Double headed sheep

  3. they never made it out of the California time zone no one CST or EST has any and the store never restocked the items just like they never restocked the mask from Thursday

  4. What are the 1st 3 releases of the series, please!

  5. doublelong Says:

    What are the other 3 releases of the House of Horror series?

  6. marypowellspp Says:

    These are called the twins of terror. They came out today! They have restocked them 4 times so far.

  7. pardalisgirl Says:

    When were these released?? I didn’t see them at all! What are they called?

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