Coin Release

Found these pics also.  THEY WERE NOT RELEASED!!!  I don’t know when they will come out with them.



7 Responses to “Coin Release”

  1. these comments show up weird! when I posted at 1:17 about seeing a pet with it on and then again later about it being the secret item, there weren’t any other comments here! how strange! thanks everyone who TRIED to fill us in. lol 😀

  2. mandabee23 Says:

    The mask is the secret item 😉

  3. got it: this mask is the secret item this week. Most of you probably already know that lol. 🙂

  4. mandabee23 Says:

    The mask will probably be released tonight with gold (seems to be a trend here lately to release coin with gold…love it!), just my guess though (I have no idea when it will be)…the reason I think it might be tonight is because that mask looks like the mask off of the movie ‘V is for Vendetta’ and November 5 is Fawke’s night….here’s more info (good movie by the way!)…..

  5. how weird! Here is a person who’s frog is wearing this mask! lol I wonder where it came from!

  6. the mask is this weeks’ secret email item.

  7. The Guy Fawkes mask is the secret email item for the week.

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