Screwed Again

I know it isn’t just me who thinks that slide got off easy on the user created gold items.  Selling them for only 10 gold each.  The creator will only get half of that. So for every 100 they sell the creator will only get $50 in gold.  Yes in the long run that is A LOT of gold but think of it this way.  If slide would have been the ones creating those items they would have sold at higher price.  By giving the creator gold they don’t loose any profit because they aren’t paying them cash.  They just loose on the sale of some virtual items later down the road.


2 Responses to “Screwed Again”

  1. seems fair to me if it is a 50-50 profit sharing even though the work comes from the user. This is what many creative works company are doing. for example they help people sell their very nice pictures, but the price is tagged by the company and the (photographer or creator gets 40% max from what they sold).

    Furthermore, though the cello is pretty, it is still a one action gold item. A multiple action gold item (non-tickle me) usually will go for 30gold at the start. So Slide might really have a way of pricing items.

  2. Fortunately, it seems like they haven’t been stocking very many of the item at the initial 10 gold price.
    And they’ve been doing their usual of gradually raising the price as they restock the item.
    But yes, 10 gold seems pretty cheap for such a lovely cello 😉

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