Thanksgiving Eve Release Leak Gold and coin

Shopped out Shopper’
‘Charity Penguin Santa’
‘Chasing Turkeys’,’gold
‘Snowy Snowglobe’,’gold’:King Fu (
:’The Last Trick’,’gold’:Julie J. (
Thanksgiving Dining Room’
:’Thanksgiving Living Room’
Frozen Freeze Bed’,
‘Freezing Kitty’,
‘Frozen Freeze Chair’
‘Freezing Chicken’
‘Ice Crystals’
‘Freezing Dragon’,
‘Freezing Frog’
‘Freezing Penguin’
:’Frozen Freeze Table’
‘Cozy Log Fire’
:’Ice Cold Mug’
‘Camping Lantern’
‘Camping Shovel’
‘Wooden Sleigh’
‘Cute Little Snowman’
‘Apple Cider’
‘Holiday Candle’
:’Fancy Candle’
‘Fancy Padded Chair’
‘Fancy Brass Chandelier’
‘Fancy Padded Couch’,
‘Delicious Dessert Platter’
‘Super Wild Flowers’
‘Fancy Gravy Boat’
‘Fancy Brass Table Lamp’
‘Poinsettia Bloom’
‘Fancy Table Setting’
‘Fancy Tapered Candle’
‘Fancy Bowl of Tulips’
‘Yellow Poinsettia Bloom’
‘Glass Table’
‘Fancy Golden Couch’
‘Sunny Blooms’
‘Two Little Candles’
‘Painting of Outdoor Family Feast’
‘Comfy Blue Pillow’
‘Fun Pumpkin Candle’
‘Pretty Autumn Branch’
‘Cute Little Tree’
‘Funny Turkey Pumpkin’
‘Happy Thanksgiving Wreath’
“Shopaholic’s Dream”
‘Green 30% Sale Sign’
‘Purple 30% Sale Sign’
‘Red Snazzy 50% Sale Sign’
‘Spiffy Blue 50% Sale Sign’
‘Great Green 50% Sale Sign’
‘Black Friday Shopper Plushie’
Cool Blue Music Player’
‘Yellow Shopping Cart’
Red Shopping Cart’,
‘Blue Shopping Cart’
‘Best Television of All Televisions’
‘Brown Stacked Boxes’
‘Red Mini Fridge’
‘Rad Red Music Player’
‘Red Standing Sale Sign’
‘Green Standing Sale Sign’
‘Lots of Shopping Bags’,
‘A Whole Lot of Shopping Bags’
‘Desperate Black Friday Shoppers’,’gold’

‘Bagpipe Monkey’
‘Scottish Penguin’
‘Scottish Sheep’
‘Scottish Dragon”Scottish Kitty’
‘Scottish Guard ‘
‘Flag of Scotland’
‘National Window of Scotland’
‘Golden Plated Turkey ‘
‘Sheep Bell’
‘Watering Bucket’,
‘Mother Hen and Chickadees’
={‘info’:’These are NOT accessories. It is an apparel item you can use anywhere in the habitat.’Winter Warm Earmuffs’,’
‘Bale of Rolled Hay’,
Ice Skating Dynamo’
‘Sheep Ice Skater Plushie’
‘Sheep Farm Rake’
‘Sheep Shearing Shears’
‘Sheepish Sheep’,
‘Staff of the Sheep Master’
‘Trough of Wonders’
‘Pink Striped Wool Sweater’
‘Sunny Sheep Farm’
‘Wintery Cabin Bedroom’
‘Knitted Hat’,
‘Braided Feather Wig’
“St. Andrew’s Day Uniform Hat”
‘Blue Winter Beanie’
‘Red Winter Beanie’
‘Green Winter Beanie’


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