December 3rd Coin Leak

‘Clean Contact Container’,’
Optometrist’s Accurate Eye Chart”
‘Handy Eye Drops’
‘Tricky Eye Test’
‘Red Reading Glasses and Case’
‘Eye Solution’
“Optometrist’s Ophthalmoscope”
‘Christmas Toy Shop’
‘Candy Cane Candle’
‘Festive Christmas Bulbs’
‘Holly Candy Cane’
‘Bundle of Presents
‘Holiday Teddy Bear’
‘Christmas Greetings Sign’
‘Sturdy Nutcracker Toy’
‘Merry Snowman’
‘Bag of Endless Gifts’,
‘This is NOT an accessory, it will not attach to your pet. It is a separate apparel

item.’,’Warm Pink Winter Mitten’,’Warm Blue Winter Mitten’
‘Buttery Gingerbread Man’
‘Extra Spiced Gingerbread Man
‘Festive Blue Ornament Candle’
‘Festive Green Ornament Candle’
‘Frosty Snowflake Garland’
‘Orange Striped Stocking’
‘Striped Candle Bundle’
‘Angelic Tree Topper’
‘Sparkling Star Topper’,
‘Christmas Coffee’
‘Optometry Office’,
‘Cute Little Green Christmas Tree’
‘Cute Little Red Christmas Tree’
‘Christmas Sweets’,
‘Twig of Mistletoe’
‘Pile of Presents’
‘String of Garland’
‘Christmas Wreath Bells’
‘Festive Magenta Ornament Candle’
‘Festive Gold Ornament Candle’
‘Red Button Nose
‘Curved Carrot Nose’
‘Small Carrot Nose’
:’Tiny Carrot Nose’
‘Lost Green Button’
‘Lost Red Button’
‘Lost Purple Button’
‘Plushie-sized Elf Hat’
‘Plushie-sized Striped Hat’
‘Plushie-sized Snowy Hat’
‘Plushie-sized Wool Hat’
‘Plushie-sized Santa Hat’
‘Plushie-sized Top Hat’
‘Coal ‘
‘Oblong Coal ‘
‘Tiny Oblong Coal ‘
‘Tiny Coal ‘,
‘Small Coal ‘
‘Plushie-sized Striped Scarf’
‘Plushie-sized Wool Scarf’
‘Plushie-sized Snowy Scarf’
‘Christmasy Living Room’
‘Christmasy Snowflake Ornament’
‘Christmasy Star Ornament’
‘Christmasy Bell Ornament’
‘Christmasy Sheep Ornament’
‘Christmasy Light Ornament’
‘Christmasy Red Ornament’
‘Christmasy Yellow Ornament’
‘Christmasy Green Ornament’
‘Christmasy Purple Ornament’
‘Christmasy Christmas Tree’
‘Sinterklaas Monkey Plushie’,,’netherlands’,’winter
‘Sinterklaas Zwarte Piet Plushie’,sheep
‘Sinterklaas Staff’
‘Sinterklaas Planter’,
‘Sinterklaas Candy’,
‘Christmas Argyle Wings’
Stylish Tortoise Shell Sunglasses (rare)’
“Optometrist’s Glasses”,
‘Red Tinted Sunglasses’
‘Snazzy Yellow Rimmed Sunglasses’
“Slammin’ Aviator Sunglasses”
‘Funky Green Glasses’
‘Big Round Eyeglasses’
‘Cool Shiny Sunglasses’

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