Poinsettia Seed

Red Fertilizer

No Fertilizer

Blue FertilizerGold Fertilizer


8 Responses to “Poinsettia Seed”

  1. angela0521 Says:

    Thanks for the info Maxie, i guess it makes sense now because when i asked people how many items with the gold fertilizer you get from the poinsettia seed, i had several people tell me four. In actuality i myself only harvested 3. Other people in my club tell me that they too have odd amounts of items growing like jelly beans and such. Thanks for the info, cause this was news to me. ~Angela

    • The number of items you get depends on how much you and your friends water your plants. I do believe though that the grown gold items are limited to three.

      • Audi the maximum number of items you can get with or without fertilizer are noted on the product when you buy the seed. Even with gold fertilizer you do not get more than the maximum.

        They also show a minimum on the item count. So if you don’t water or your friends don’t water than you will get anywhere between the minimum and the maximum.

        EG: The seed says you will get between 1 and 3 items. If you or your friends don’t water at all you will probably only get 1 per plant. Now if you water you will probably get 2 and if your friends water you will probably get 3. I say probably as some that go on for a few days I have seen where I watered them everyday and they gave me the maximum; whereas others i have done the same and it gave me the minimum. It in that respect is like actual gardening, you never know what you will get!

    • Hi Angela, If the seed item count is 1 to 3 than 3 is the maximum you can get no matter what fertilizer you use. Those who said they got 4 trees either had 2 plants and got 2 each or were mistaken as the limit was 3. The only other thing it could have been is a glitch in the system as 3 was the most you should have been able to get on the tree seeds. Now there jelly beans have a different number of items so be sure you check the seed for the item count.
      There are 4 lines of information under the picture of the seed:

      The first line is time it takes to harvest.
      Which means from the amount of time from when you plant it to the time you can harvest the grown item.

      The second line is the number of items you will harvest:
      This line will give you the minimum and the maximum amount of items you can get and as explained above the more you and your friends tend the garden (by watering) the more items you will get. But please note there are some items like the light bulbs that are a set number in which case the minimum and maximum will be the same number.

      The third line is the number of coins you will get per item fro recycling.
      Should you decide to sell your crop (or recycle it) this is the number of coins you will get for each item.

      The fourth and final line is the type of fertilizer you can use.
      Again this is pretty much self explaining. It will read Red, Blue, Gold or Both. Both meaning Red or Blue right now gold can be used for almost any of them with the exception of the new Dinosaur Seed coming out tomorrow. Also the accelerated fertilizer can be used with any of the seeds.

      Hope this helps answer most of the question on the seeds quantities.

  2. angela0521 Says:

    Is there a way we can get info on how many items one seed produces with the gold fertilizer? For instance i bought the gold fertilizer for the snowflake seed. It only produced two faeries. This way some of us can determine if the gold fertilizer is worth using on particular seeds or not.

    • angela when you but the seed there is a chart that tells you how many you will get from 1 to # It is random and no one really knows how many they will get. When the Black kittens came out and they were 1000 coins on MySpace my bothers got three kittens each but in FB mine the first time only got one and the second time they got 3. It’s like any gardening the more you tend it the more you will harvest. So to get the maximum I would say you need to water a lot and have your friends do so also. Regards Maxie

  3. maxie9999 Says:

    Hi which is the red fertilizer and which is the blue? We know the last is obviously the gold. Thanks a lot Maxie

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