Dino-Tastic Seeds

On Friday SPP will release a Prehistoric Mystery Seed along with a Contest to go with it.  When the seed is planted it will grow one of 10 different dinosaurs.   The first 7 people to grow and post there habby with ALL 10 dino’s will win 200 gold and 2000 coins.

The seeds will be release at 6am PST to make the contest a little more fair.  Also as a reminder gold fertilizer will not work on these seeds BUT the super, ultra and mega fertilzers will work.  So buy quickly plant faster and be super sonic in posting to win the prize!!  Good luck all the SPP Addicts out there I hope one of you wins.  Heck I hope I win!!


3 Responses to “Dino-Tastic Seeds”

  1. where can i post the habby with the dinos

    • Not sure exactly wat you may be asking as far as posting your habitat with the dinos. So let me give you a few answers on that. You can post it anywhere you would like actually. If you’re asking where to post it for the contest to win 200 gold and etc that contest was over 35min after they released the dino seeds. So, it won’t help to post in that thread if your looking to win that contest. Last, if you still wish to post in the SPP forum Playground area, just scan through the first page or two and you should be able to find the DINO CONTEST thread if you would still like to post ur habitat there just to show folks that you have managed to be one of the ones that have gotten all the lil’ dino plushies. Hope that answers your question. 🙂

    • The contest for the dinos is over. I tried to find the forum for posting your habby if you still wanted to but I can’t seem to find it.

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