SPP has something new and fun for all of you! Now, we know how much you all love your Garden smile We also know that we have been busy introducing some adorable new seeds for all of you smile

Well, what better way to enjoy this than to…. add more Gardening plots!

I am so excited to let you know that you will now be able to purchase expansions for your own Garden.

This will be available for both coin and gold Be careful which one you decide to choose. Once you choose one, there will be no ability to purchase the other one. So if you choose to purchase the coin Garden, you will not be able to purchase the gold one, and vice versa. This is just for now though smile We will hopefully be able to allow upgrades from coin to gold versions in the future.

-The coin option will have 3 new plots!
-The gold option will have 5 new plots!

You will be able to purchases these from the Pet Shop, or from your very own Garden smile

Like below, you will see a small box with a “+” sign. Once you click on that, you will be taken to a page that will let you choose which Garden you want. Click on your choice, and your original Garden will automatically update with the new addition!

There has been a  few questions concerning these new plots. I will try to best explain these questions I have personally been asked.

Question: Do you get anything special or extra with any of these plot expansions?

-Answer: NO. All that these do is expand your current 5 plot garden to either a 8 plot garden (30,000 coins) or a 10 plot garden (150 gold “15.00”). There are no special items that you will get out off these plots. You will still plant, fertilize, water and harvest them just the same as you have always done. You just get the benefit of having the extra plots to use for planting.

Question: Can you buy one and then change to another one later?

-Answer: So far as I have read up on this topic the answer is NO. Once you make your choice on the plot that will be your final choice there is not turning back on it.

I hope this helps all of you on your decision of what you would like to do.


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