Coin Leak for 12/23 & 12/30


Super Rugby Plushie (rare) ((Tiger))
Sun Tanning Santa Plushie (rare)
Boxing Day Plushie ((panda))
Boxing Day Gloves
Boxing Day Shopping Bags
Boxing Day Discount Poster
Sandy Sand Christmas Tree
Floating Chicken Santa Plushie
Super Green Holiday Beach Bucket
Super Red Holiday Beach Bucket
Green Holiday Beach Umbrella
Red Holiday Beach Umbrella
Red Holiday Beach Ball
Blue Holiday Beach Ball
Sunset Beachfront Holiday
Green Potted Poinsettia
Patchwork Stocking
Drummer Dog Plushie
Drummer Panda Plushie
Drummer Sheep Plushie
Festive String Lights
Cocoa Candy Cane
Golden Holly Bells
Surprise Moose Present
Merry Christmas Wreath
Black and Green Striped Bow
Black and Red Striped Bow
Black and Orange Striped Bow
Confetti Party Popper
Dragon Angel Trumpeter
Time for a Holiday Dinner
Yummy Bottled Apple Cider
Festive Holiday Red Toy Boat
Festive Holiday Green Toy Boat
Scrumptious Bowl of Candy
The Most Amazing Cake Ever
Comfortable Stool
Cookiest Cookies
Too Sweet Cupcake
Christmas Goose
Hammiest Ham of All Hams
Lucious Lobster
Holiday Serving Dish
Yellow Napkin
Pink Napkin
Peachie Peach Pie
Holiday Place Setting
Green Glass Goblet
Holiday Cheer Habitat
Kwanzaa Apple Candle
Kwanzaa Black Candle
Kwanzaa Green Candle
Kwanzaa Red Candle
Kwanzaa Striped Candle
Kwanzaa Star Candle
Kwanzaa Kinara
Kwanzaa Mazao
Kikombe cha Umoja
Kwanzaa Zawadi
Kwanzaa Flag
Kwanzaa Kitty Plushie
Kwanzaa Monkey Plushie
Gift o’ Frankincense
Gift o’ Gold
Gift o’ Myrrh
Lit Up Palm Tree
King Cyrus
King Neroy
King Xander
Parachuting Santa Plushie
Puppy Box Popper Present
Blue and Orange Dotted Party Hat
Red and Yellow Dotted Party Hat
The Ice Princess
Tiger Snowglobe (USER CREATED GOLD)
Porky Nutcracker
Sugar Plum Fairy (USER CREATED GOLD)
Fencing Rat King
Parachuting Santa Plushie
Puppy Box Popper Present
Mr. Sheep Frost’s Spell

Surfing Santa


****rough list at this time, still too early****

Basket of Yumminess
Bowl full of Candy
Bread Cutting Board
Old Fashioned Broom
Blue Yummy Candy
Green Yummy Candy
Orange Yummy Candy
Red Yummy Candy
Chocolate Swirl Candy
Chocolate Square Candy
Big Cooking Stock Pot
Gingerbread Candy Man
Gretal Plushie ((bunny))
Hansel Plushie ((sheep))
Little Milk Maid Plushie ((kitty))
Pile of Wrapped Candies
Simple Wooden Rolling Pin
Little Yellow Tea Pot
Fairy Tale Witch Plushie ((dragon))
Wood for a Wood Burning Stove
Simple Wooden Chair
Sweet and Cozy Candy Home

Christmasy Caroler Plushies ((????))


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