Gift Gold To Your SPP Friends This Holiday

Hey everyone!

Since it’s the season for giving, we thought we would give all of you a new and special way to share and show your love for your fellow SPP players. Yep, it’s a feature you’ve all been asking for – introducing… Gold Gifting!

Starting now, when you visit your friends’ habitats on SPP, you’ll see a Give Gold! button underneath their habitats.

Click on that and you can choose how much Gold you’d like to gift to your very lucky friend! Keep in mind that you can’t gift Gold you already own.

You can give 50, 100, 250 or 500 Gold to your friends grin Furthermore, you can only send 500 total Gold and only receive 2000 total from your friends.

For example, if you send someone 5 gifts of 50 gold (250 Gold) and someone else the same (totaling in 500 Gold), you won’t be able to send anyone any more Gold. Meanwhile, if your friends send you 4 gifts of 500 gold (2000 Gold), you won’t be able to receive any more Gold from anyone.

When your receive a Gold gift from a friend, you’ll see your Gold amount increase and you’ll get a message in your email.

This is a new feature that we’re still developing and it’ll only be around for a limited time only, but since Christmas is so close we decided we just had to let you all try this out and start giving each other some golden Christmas presents!

Have fun everyone, and happy gifting!

SPP Playground:Answers for: Gift Gold To Your SPP Friends This Holiday!


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