Surprise Holiday Bonus

Through next Monday you will earn more coins for doing playdates.  As a holiday bonus Slide as changed it to you earning 30 coins instead of the normal 20 coins for doing playdates.  Enjoy your holiday bonus!!


2 Responses to “Surprise Holiday Bonus”

  1. As with everything else SPP does they don’t do it correctly. Their statement of raising the coins from 20 to 30 “Through NEXT Monday” is again fictitious. They removed it THIS Monday. It always goes THIS would mean the first Monday or yesterday, then the one after is NEXT Monday from when it was written. Therefore the NEXT Monday as the said would have been the Monday after New Years Day.
    SPP needs to go back to school and learn the basic grammer and meaning of the words in the English language!

  2. Wooohooo!!! Thank you WP for the Holiday Surprise. Because I am so addicted….these coins are much appreciated. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!!!!!

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